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  Vessels on the railway    Schooners John I. Snow & Methebesec--Old Snow Shipyard, South Rockland, Me  

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 The Old Snow Shipyard

The Old Snow Shipyard


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Extreme Clipper 
Red Jacket

First of all, check the "Happenings Page" for our calendar of Museum events!!

Then---take a peek:

The SPS Museum will be closed in the winter for renovation and rejuvenation, but every Sunday throughout the winter we have a great Jam with a group of musicians and friends. Come and share in the weekly music jam sessions. Are you missing all the fun? We start at 1:30pm every Sunday
75 Mechanic St. Rockland.
The SPS Museum will open May 1
Be sure to look over the 2015 schedule-  
click here for the "happenings" page.

This is our

Membership News Letter for Fall of 2014

Pilot House Talk



There's Magic Beyond the Bend

Previously published news letters are available in the archives of the Museum.

We need your help!
Come and be a part of rebuilding a true
Friendship Sloop--here is a video
of our progress in 2012-14


This is your museum too.
Golden Eagle from under bowsprit of the Schooner Stephen Taber

We first renovated in 2009, have been setting up displays in 2010, 11,12, 13 &14-Now, in 2015, the rooms are completed & offering many interesting and educational displays, we have a new and well stocked library, a new, richly decorated conference room, a boat building shop, new floors and a well established gift shop. This and lots more are now in place.   
You must see it to believe it!

 Email us at
or, for instant info, call 207-701-5050 or 701-7627
Your help is most appreciated.


Display areas with new archways

 The Library room


Be sure to look over the 2015 schedule-   click here for the "happenings" page.

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The Sail Power and Steam Museum
Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of visitors, volunteers and the general public of the state of Maine through hands on, interactive, and educational experiences with historically significant sailing, power and steam driven vessels, ships and small boats while providing instruction as to their origins, construction, and original commercial and recreational purposes

Museum Wish List starts with a resounding plea for Volunteers

As the Museum gets underway, we are in need of specific items to help us with our programs, and volunteers of both time and funds to help with the physical building and the vessels. Listed below in no particular order are some of these needs. Please remember that all donations are both tax deductible and greatly appreciated:

  • i-Pad
  • DVD player
  • Large flat-screen TV (LCD, Plasma, etc.)
  • Digital video camera
  • Laptop computer (XP compliant)
  • 2 19" LCD computer monitors 
  • Surveillance video equipment
  • Portable audio recording unit

Help with the reconstruction~
Help with setting up displays~
Help with organizing the library~
Help with selling tickets~
Help with maintenance and running of Rekord~
Help rigging ship models~
Help running antique engines~
Help running guided tours~
Help with the helpers~~

Please contact Capt. Jim Sharp at 207-701-7627 or 207-701-5050 for more information or to make a donation.                           ~

 Presentations and programs. For your next library, civic meeting, school programs              
or book reviews, contact Captain Jim for a fascinating historical lecture or power point presentations. 


                        Model of the Rekford
                            Model of the Rekord, flagship of the              Sail, Power and Steam Museum.        Built in Norway in 1914, rebuilt and lengthened twice in her life, Rekord joined SPS Museum as our first and most significant donation in November 2007.  She has been restored and overhauled and with her ancient engine running like a Swiss watch, she is ready for Rockland Harbor tours and cruises. Check her out...
                                            Click here for Rekord History

The Schooner Adventure    The Captains Pride

The Schooner Adventure, a 122 foot former Gloucester fishing schooner blasts across Penobscot Bay at 14 knots thrilling all that have sailed aboard her.  Captain Jim Sharp commanded this vessel for 25 years carrying passengers through all the bays and tributaries of the rugged Maine Coast. In 1988 he retired from the windjammer fleet and donated the vessel to The Gloucester Adventure to remain in that city as a National Monument to the fisheries to be preserved for the education and enjoyment of the populace.  

Vessel Specifications:

Length Overall: 122 feet
Beam: 25'
Draft: 14'
Sail Area: 6100 sq ft
Propulsion: No internal power; utilized 68hp yawl boat for maneuvering
Capacity (as a passenger vessel): 37 passengers, 6 crew. (as a Gloucester Fishing vessel): 24 able dory fishermen, Captain, Mate, Cook and Skippy the ship's dog...and 130,000 of fresh market fish. Capt. Sharp and artist/naval architect
The Schooner Adventure's plans, Imero Gobbato physically took the lines from Adventure when she was hauled out for annual maintenance. From those carefully measured dimensions, Capt. Sharp created an accurate half model at one inch = one foot scale and mounted it on an aged pine plank. It hangs prominently in the conference room of the Museum.  A typical Gloucester fishing schooner, Adventure is a McManus design vessel with a sleek, deep and sea-kindly underbody.,

Sail, Power and steam Museum Sharp's Point South 75 Mechanic Street
Rockland, Maine
207-701-7627 or 596-0200